Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just reading a DE blog...

...on the latest manufactured political issue in the Old Press these days. I predict it won't last because it won't resonate in the minds of the American people. Why not? I could begin a whole list of reasons. But I'll refrain. This is just the latest leak that goes to the Old Press and then to the Democrats. (Or is it from the Democrats in Congress?) Let's just put all our spying techniques out there, if you're a terrorist we're using computers to search for key words and then we hone in on it. So if you want to mislead us be sure to use a cellphone and so on and by the way, Howard Dean says that you'll win in Iraq so keep the faith in jihad and so on.

After he notes some facts about the latest manufactured issue (courtesy of the NYT) Hube notes:
...[Facts] won't stop Congressional Democrats -- even those who were briefed about the program (like Harry Reid) -- from blasting Bush and co. 'Cause that's what they do, after all. And not much else. Have a plan for Iraq? We'll get back to you. Have a plan to fight terrorists? We'll get back to you. Have a plan for criticizing President Bush? Here's a mountain of papers full of ideas.

As one British journalist noted, if Bush is the dictator that the American Left makes him out to be and is engaging in silencing all his critics then how are so many Bush haters allowed to write so much partisan drivel? That seems to be what it is in general, drivel. The opposition party does not have to be this way, it's as if they believe that Americans will not vote for them unless they believe that Bush is a liar, a madman and a tyrant. Americans might actually vote for them if they had a vision as to bringing the war in Iraq to a resolution but instead they have Dean saying that we cannot succeed. You have to wonder what they're thinking. When has anyone ever won any election based on that sort of position, even with the feverish support of the Old Press?

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