Wednesday, May 25, 2005

...there be dragons...

...some will reject all ancient evidence written or recorded by humans and believe the mythological narratives of Naturalism written by half-wits, those missing about half of all wit/knowledge. Those narratives of Naturalism are often based on some scientists digging up rocks from the ground and looking at them, myopically. As they lose their perspective just as their professor taught them to, perhaps their glasses get thicker, then thicker. Perhaps then a scientist says, "You know, from what I have seen...all life probably came from these rocks dissolving in an ancient mud puddle." There is the narrative. Then all the half-wit science thumpers murmur, "Science...yes, why, the science of that!"

Yet sometimes the empirical evidence indicates that ancient humans might not have been a bunch of primitives that were closer to the legendary Ape-man of the mythological narratives of Naturalism. The first Amazon review on the finger prints of the gods notes, "The truth is, when the evidence presented by archaeologists, egyptologists, and other professionals is examined critically, the traditional school is very far from convincing. ...It means that when we cannot build a replica of the Great Pyramid today, with our technology (the Japanese tried and failed, and theirs was a far smaller "scale" replica), but are expected to believe that copper-tools wielding Egyptians could (2.3 million blocks of stone; weights going from 1.5 tons to 15 and 17 tons; "killer" slope of 52 degrees; near perfect alignement; perfect 90-degree corners; perfectly cut diorite blocks, and so on), then is when inquisitive, intelligent people wonder, How is that possible?"

He argues, "This does not mean that the general public is ignorant or gullible."

Oh, I think it probably does!

Those are a few but not all of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and other accomplishments like it. Naturalism and its smothering dogma of "scientific fact" along with the narratives it generates on origins is a failure. It is more of a failure when it comes to origins than the average person looking at a shrine to "primitive" Ape-man in the Smithsonian is allowed to know. So they are not allowed to know. Instead, they must be forced to be half-wits too.

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