Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The sort of thing that evolutionists indoctrinate students with...

It's the urge to merge, don't you know.

Their images,

(Orange County, Department of Education)
(Another example: Evolution Quiz)

What is observed empirically, (center box):

(Icons of Evolution
by Johnathan Wells
(Regnery, 2000) :92)

It was a stupid and ignorant sort of argument anyway. But it seems that those who want to let Nature select their ideas for them will revisit it anyway, naturally enough. This sort of thign will be revisited in "evo-devo," apparently.

What is evo-devo, you might ask? No, it is not a new disco dance invented by science geeks that is now sweeping the nation. ("Hey everybody, it's time for the evo-devo!") Instead it is a further merging of evolutionism and the mythological narratives of Naturalism into the study of how organisms develop and grow, as in evolutionary development.

As if evolutionists haven't already merged their mythological narratives into pretty much everything? Example, "You disagree that things jumping out of trees and killing themselves will eventually grow feathers and wings and fly away by natural selections?! Well, disagreein' with me is just like disagreein' with gravity or sayin' the earth is flat! So as you can see, you can't disagree, with me."

Anyway, the dance of evo-devo may pick up and the argument of those who have the urge to merge may look a little bit like this, "Hey...things are small but then they grow and stuff. This must mean that they can be merged together when they are small, because they all seem small at first, or somethin'. Well, I feel it makes them easier to merge. And that's what mommy Nature wants me to do!"

That's the basic pattern of the argument they may make, as there are some fellows who will not heed the advice of Christ and Plato.

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