Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Beings, the Creatures and....why, I haven't decided yet!

I just wanted to get a start on something and see how it goes. Just to start, you know....

Once upon a time there were some beings that could create. They were creative. So they made a physical world to put some beings from their universe in. They had the knowledge and power to make galaxies and planets. So they made some heavens, then made more. They used power and technology that nothing else in all existence had, neither in their universe nor the new one they made. The beings that they put in the new universe had rebelled against the powerful and creative beings. They had fought a war in the old universe and lost. They had been creative beings once too. But now much of what the rebellious ones once were was stripped from them. This new world would be like a communication to the fallen ones. The message was simple, all that they had meant for their own ends would now be turned back, back again to the creative. Not only had they accomplished nothing, now they would be used for something. There was one original Creator of both universes and that ultimate Being knew that its creation was good and the fallen ones were evil. There would be many to question why that was so. Yet no mind would ever have the same knowledge, none would know all reasons why. The Being was what it was, above all, that was all.

The creative beings kept creating and the fallen ones kept trying to break things apart, to eat things up, yet even as they did they were being used back for good. They tried to break the new cosmos, yet around black holes they made a new galaxy might spiral. This continued for some time, in as much as it makes sense to speak of time where there is none.

Eventually the creative beings began to work on one planet, one that would be a special place. They kept the fallen ones away and there the beings began to have their own orchards, gardens and various types of creatures that they had created. The special planet began to team with Life of all sorts. Then one day they decided to make some creatures that could in a small way think and be creative like they were.

(Well, it's a start I guess. Later...I'll probably include elements from other stories.)

Index I

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