Saturday, March 26, 2005

The compassion of American liberals...

Watch out, it may kill you. But don't worry, according to liberals you will be better off dead! It's all about you and your welfare, don't you know?

"What am I going to do Cheryl, I am watching them kill my daughter and I am not allowed to help her?" Terri Shiavo's mother

Doesn't she understand that Terri would want her to have to stand by as she is starved to death? For the liberals and their Judiciary it is all about what Terri would want and choose. Apparently it is obvious to them that she would want and choose the rejection of the love of her mother and family in favor of a dignified death of starvation. These choices that liberals protect are reminiscent of their protection of pregnant teenagers from their parents. For how the liberals know that they must protect the right to choose, lest a mother impose her personal views of love and compassion in favor of her daughter's or grandaughter's life!

I did not think they would win on this case. But it seems that they did.

Ah, these American "liberals," mostly effeminate men or masculine women. Often, the men are feminists and the women are masculinists. In such inversions and perversions "love" comes to be little more than the moral vanity of narcissists. That is their sort of effete compassion.

(Don't read a bunch of feelings into these words. I am not angry, etc., although perhaps I should be! I am only trying to call that which is this, this and that which is that, that. That way Good and Evil can become clear for all who have the eyes to see. If you think you see something wrong in what I write, try to correct it. I could be wrong.)

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