Thursday, March 10, 2005

March 10th, 1876

"Alexander Graham Bell's notebook entry of 10 March 1876 describes his successful experiment with the telephone. Speaking through the instrument to his assistant, Thomas A. Watson, in the next room, Bell utters these famous first words, 'Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you.'"
(Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers,
Manuscript Division,
the Library of Congress)

...and now, here you are on the internet. It's interesting to think that technology is accelerating here and now in a way that it has not before. Some ancient civilizations were actually more advanced than those who think that ancients were just a bunch of primitives seem to believe. Yet it is interesting that they had indoor plumbing, books and so on thousands of years ago, yet did not advance technologically at the exponential rate that has taken place in under a few hundred years.

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