Thursday, March 17, 2005

Life and Death

It's interesting to note of Life and Death that Christianity seems not so human and humus centered as to be all about the physical existence and the health of humans. As far as I understand it contains humanistic values based on the Creator, not the creation. It seems to contain humanistic values, yet not on humanistic terms.

It is an odd position, yet typical, for a gardener to be fighting dying but then using Death as an opportunity for things to be born again. Does redemption make the degenerative the generative or that which is evil that which is good? Of course it does not, no more than the spring makes the winter any less cold. Yet there will be those who support Death who will try to use even redemption to pretend that evil is something other than what it is. The most pointed point of Judaic law is that there be no blurring of categories, such as Life and Death. So what of Death? There is a time to die and one must die to be born again. Death where is thy sting?

If a Snake must eat its own tale then does it really have one?

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