Thursday, March 31, 2005


Is that the mysterious frog-bird? This avian ancestor may have evolved from a population of frogs jumping away from predators. It may have happened a little like this, "Once upon a time there were some frogs hopping around. They had to hop away from some herons who ate frogs. In the process, some got eaten and some did not. Those that did not get eaten began to grow one lil' feather , then another! Their lungs began to change, one little cell at a time, into an avian lung. Well, let's just skip the details...eventually they morphed into birds and flew, flew on away!"

Just look at the picture of frog-bird, it is like ape-man.


kate said...

hello photoshop -
but still awesome

Winston said...

I don't advise owning frogbirds as pets, I have three and they are noisy as hell! All that chirp croak stuff can really get on ones nerves.