Thursday, June 09, 2016

Ramble 6/9

Look at this witless white wonder. He's raising the child of an African man while trying to serve a Zionist Jew that's getting scared about their false flags being investigated. (Or their ethnic interests not being served first and foremost... "America first" Scary! Me, ma moo... Uh huh.) But people don't have to know all the background information. Just look at him, as a "man" sitting their sniveling. Good grief.

 Shouldn't he adopt more Chinese babies, to care for the diversity of men from other ethnic groups more? They go around having sex, then he cares for the kids while diversifying his own ethnic group out of existence! How nice... Lol. Anything less than abject white servility to other men would be "white supremacy," apparently. "It's about my kids. Look at the children! They want to kill all the kids or somethin'." No, it's about you. And other witless white wonders like you... because your abject servility to other men and failure as a man becomes our own if you are allowed to have more political influence.

 Just ask Bill Kristol about ethnic awareness and tribalism. He'll know all about it. How many Chinese, African or Indian babies has he adopted? How many refugees does he want Israel to take in? I'm all for charity. But I"m not for charity being turned into a pretext to diversify white people out of existence and wipe them as a global minority off the face of the planet. Those are MY kids and grandchildren you're talking about reducing to a minority in the countries of their forefathers. Men, unlike you. I didn't adopt ten African children so that some African men could continue having sex and being utterly irresponsible.

 Is it really about the children and "my wife's family" (me, ma moo... victim!) or is it about your failure as a man?

Also, Bill "the bionic Jewish nationalist" Kristol supports sending European Americans to WAR for "national" security... but then people like you treat the abolition and diversification of our nation as the highest moral good. So enough with your endless and worthless wars for "national" security, why don't we fight you right here? Winning hearts and minds...

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