Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramble 6/2

This is why you don't let Jews/"the media"/"movie producer"/"political pundit"/"news producer" incite Africans against white people. ("Nazis"/"racists" according to Jews... but go try that dindu stuff in Israel. See what happens. They fear, loath and hate white "might be Nazi racists" cops and incite Africans against them.

But they don't hate their own cops in their own ethnic state. (Given that Jews/"the media"/"pundits" themselves cannot be "Nazis"/"racists."  Although the witless BDS movement is questioning that again, given that jews are quite the nationalists/tribalists for themselves.)

 People are conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to reject saying "Jew" in anything but the most worshipful ways, as if all Jewish people are their god that they must serve. But it's them inciting Africans to commit crimes by resisting arrest.  ("I'm like Michael Brown!  You going to shoot me too!"  Etc.)  They've already gotten policemen killed for the sake of their ridiculous "Nazi"/"racist" narrative that only applies to their perceived ethnic enemy, white people.  It's very easy to observe this in case after case. 

And they're the people that created this anti-white culture after inciting WWI and WWII among white European "goyim."

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