Thursday, June 09, 2016

Barbara Lerner Specter

Why is she so concerned about the preciousness of a "Jewish entity" (???? who?) when she took advantage of Swedish gullibility in order to support diversifying them out of existence as an actual ethnic group? "There will be no nations in Europe, we Jews will be blamed." Something like that.

She and her precious "entity" are just a social construct created by some crazy guys with beards and whatever criminals converted to Judaism throughout history, a supremacist cult. The Swedes are (or were, if she gets her way) an ancient group of indigenous white people, living in the land of their ancestors.

Why did she take advantage of their niceness and seemingly terminal gullibility?

Where does that utterly absence of empathy come from... when Jews/social constructs begin destroying all nations/tribes around them? Is that the "Jewish entity"? Because it doesn't seem like a very good entity, if she is a representative of it. I think I'm going to have to stand with the Swedes on this one. Lol...

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