Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Hitler... I'm tired of writing that. Maybe it finally stalled out in Syria?

 After two World Wars were incited by the usual suspects white Judaizers took the side of Communists that would go on to kill countless millions.  Killing "Nazis"/"Jihadis" without trial and torturing false confessions out of people seems to be fundamental to their identity at this point.  Boo, Hitler!  Boo, Muslims!   (It never seems to occur to them that Jews pushing for diversity right in the old homelands of white ethnic groups are perfectly content to support Muslims.  Or Jews pushing for empire building in the Ukraine are perfectly content to ally with "Neo-Nazis."  They're actually not as prone to this freedumb fry eating Team White Captain America stuff as white Americans are.  American whites, just more tools.)

 European Americans don't believe in fighting for their own family/kin/national security, yet they usually do believe in killing whoever Jews ("the media"/"donors"/"politicians") tell them to kill these days.  Saddam/Ghaddafi/Assad/Putin, another Hitler.  Hitler, Hitler. (I guess he and the Germans actually did resist Jewish supremacy.  You can tell by what they did to them.  Sort of like the Palestinians.)  

Now Trump is being targeted by the witless minions of Jews/"the media"/"culture"/"critics"/"the news", despite the fact that he's actually pretty kosher.  One would think that witless whites would get tired of this or maybe ask a few simple questions about due process and the customs and traditions of our own ancestors.  How about, just basic science?  Oh, progressives... science this, science that.  But then they go kosher and start peddling endless propaganda and "narratives" after they just got done with science this and science that.

It must be a very confusing world for whites that don't think they have ethnic identities now.  Another day, more attempts at ethnic suicide or the killing of another Hitler, etc...  pretexts vary. 

I've heard anything from "We must open ourselves to wounding."  (Judeo-Christian, white hipster) to "Let's help Syrian refugees while our government is bombing their country.  This is what Jesus meant by going to all nations."

(More "Christian" Judaizers...  never a peep about Jewish supremacy and endless "Communist"/"liberal"/"secular"/ACLU/"the media"/"Hollywood" attempts at the destruction of all nations/ethnic groups due to the fact that they're international "enemies of all men."  Have Judeo-Christian Zionists read the Bible?  Who knows!  Oh well, at least they're totally upfront about who they are and who they want to stand with.  Judeo-Christians.)      

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