Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nationalism rising....

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Liberal (just as well as their globalist comrades the communist) scum is running on a platform of negation of nations, religions and cultures! Can you imagine that? Audacity, stupidity and arrogance of that globalist scum is truly something to behold! But since liberal advocacies are paid to do so by the oligarchy, their actions are understandable, but the part of the story which is not understandable is how stupid share of population where they are spreading their propaganda must be to even remotely support such imbecility. That population does not belong to a nation they claim they are being ethnic part of. In past times they used to be called traitors, sellouts and turncoats. Their nature hasn't changed, but what has changed is their audacity to openly committ treason, afterwards claim they belong to that which they are betraying and get away with it. If French liberal thinks he is not part of the French nation, French ethnicity and French culture, why does he call himself French when he's obviously not? Why such treasonous filth doesn't go where he thinks he belong? We all know what the penaly for high treason is. Liberal trash wants to committ treason and not be punish for it. Minorities shouldn't be allowed to vote. Who's ever seen giving a guest in your house "right" to vote?! Can you come into someone's house and be given a "right" to vote on matters concerning that house? No. Your county... your land is your house, the house of your people. Who you allow to become part of your house... your people is a very important aspect of the life of a nation. That said, I do believe Muslims would be more loyal part of western nations than that part of treasonous liberal scum you are breeding and allowing to flourish and thrive. You might as well slit your own throat right now if you don't stop globalist traitors. The damage they caused you will never go away. It is done. Time for you to adapt or perish. That's just primal logic, amigos. The fact that you still haven't digest it doesn't bode well for you. Your mellow and indifferent relation toward treason and betrayal... I am afraid is going to be your downafall, amigos. Already is. Nothing survives where betrayal flourishes. Remember that.

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