Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ramble 8/22

The Jewish Left (Although building their own racial/ethno state and probably about to turn a blind eye to the wars and conflicts that the Israel Lobby wants to continue to incite with Syria/Iran/Russia.) has already seen to it that White people that tend to wish to live in groups just like other groups of people will be pursued into the suburbs and targeted for diversification.

It's the Tribe. Drop the abstractions and fancy language and the fake political tribes/factions that are offered up and it comes down to the fact that the majority of Jews in the West are phobic about White people. 

The irony of their "xenophobia/nativism/phobias/racism/typical racist (!!!!)" projections is that they have phobias because Europeans supposedly turned members of their group into lamp shades and soap.

The Jewish Left isn't even really the Left as White/fair minded universalists seem to tend to understand it in America.  The Left and the Right are like the hands from which that metaphor is derived, they are merely a technique to reach out and grab power.

 So why does the Jewish Left seek to diversify everyone, no matter the carnage?  Because it's perceived to be good for their group.  Why does the Jewish Right generally keep silent about that while seeking to fight for the interests of their group based on nationalism?  Because that's what they think is good for their group.  

The heroes of White/fair minded cuckservatives were usually the same way, ethnic advocates for their own group.  Why dream of no group identities or associations existing, no matter all historical heritages that go deeper than and transcend consumerism, sex and Bratz Inc.?  Because that would be good for the group of the dreamer.  It's also  worth noting with these dreamers that they only dream of that for White people.  They still form their own groups and associations and lobbies, repeatedly, no matter their histories. 

Apparently White people liked and were drawn to a specific dreams due to their own tendencies, as a group.  But dreaming that no groups (except for small families/tribes, perhaps) existed has never been the dream of Jews, Blacks, Arabs and pretty much everyone else that's formed ethno/racial lobby groups in White countries and only White countries.  Where is a European lobby group or civil rights group in China,* representing the interests of groups of European and African Americans there? 

What was Ovadia Yosef's dream for his group?  Why do so many of these groups that market to the tendencies of European Americans (Like the Founders, against factions/tribes/gangs/groups forming to dominate others.) simultaneously form ethnic lobbies for their own groups? 

*There's all this fear mongering here about "the Chinese" this and that sometimes.  Or any other group.   Why?  All they have to do is becoming an immigrant and work as a diversity officer in the federal government, then they can attack White people with the blessing of our own anti-White system that's becoming sick to death in its will to live.  (Uh oh!)  
In any event, this whole global pattern created by the Jews (I thought, "Never again."  Well, stop doing what you're doing as a group.  Duh!) goes all the way down to the fact that European Americans that want to enjoy basic forms of freedom of association with their group (implicitly, in suburbs) will be targeted for diversification. 

Will be?  I should catch myself.  They already are being targeted as a group, implicitly.  I guess the people in charge of this can't just come right out and say that they're targeting a group.  Because that's a big "No, no." according to international law.   

Perhaps people call these attempts at ethnic replacement "diversity" order to avoid the implications of what should happen to leaders of psychological warfare or ethnic cleansing campaigns directed against ethnic groups and so on. 

It depends, I guess.  Why did they put a silk noose around the neck of Saddam?  Because he targeted a group of people...  but what's the ruling if a group of foreigners/traitors does that with psychological warfare instead of WMDs?  That's probably fine.

If I was a defense lawyer in these matters, as Mr. Moseley is... then I guess the best defense is: "They didn't even want to exist as a group anymore!"  Or perhaps:  "They didn't even realize that they existed as a group!"

And so forth.  Although as a defender of the natural right of European Americans to continue existing without being immivaded or diversified out of existence by the federal government, I would point out that they got Jewed over as a group.

I wonder what historians will eventually say about this, in retrospect.  Because there is a suicidal element to it now too.

  Although White people do seem to protest a lot, implicitly!  Darn near subconsciously... it's almost like they're thinking somewhere down in there:  "Racism.  Racism.  Racism!!!  But... it seems like we still exist or somethin'.  Who is my family and kin?  Do I want them to die?  Do I really want my kith and kin to be diversified out of existence?  Who am I?  Me, ma... moo???"  Etc.

They have "free speech" thanks to whatever remains of our traditions.  But they're not allowed to think about tribalism and race too much.   ;-)  Otherwise they might conclude that they exist explicitly, I'd imagine.     

Your brain recognizes a pattern or trend and then analyses the constituent components of that trend. Political Correctness, which was also invented by Noel’s ethnic group, erects an electric fence around the parts of your mind trying to point out the traits of other ethnic groups.

Noel Biderman [the CEO of Ashley Madison] is a Jew who is making millions off the misery of others, he is undermining the foundations of society, usually this is just western society but in Biderman’s case it is the whole world! But nevertheless, for this stereotype to hold true and for me to be able to correctly guess at the ethnicity of a person who is making millions off an infidelity site, Jews would already have to be deeply involved [in subversion]....  --Andrew Anglin
More young National Socialists...  who could have predicted that? 

I did. 

By the way, the Golden Dawn in Greece is becoming more influential now too.  Just wait until Glen Beck starts crying in his cheerios over that and Mr. Moseley begins attacking the Greeks again.  (Looks like they still want to exist as a group of people too, despite their own immivasion and people playing with rainbows, there to save the gay.)

What are we going to do as these patterns continue (Provided that brain dead Whites continue volunteering for the army, etc.), invade Europe or Greece for the sake of folks like Lloyd Blankfein?   ;-)

If so, then perhaps brain dead Whites will stop fighting at Christmas time again, "Why are we fighting?  Me, ma mooo?"
The Christmas truce (German: Weihnachtsfrieden; French: Trêve de Noël) was a series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front around Christmas 1914. In the week leading up to the holiday, German and British soldiers crossed trenches to exchange seasonal greetings and talk. In areas, men from both sides ventured into no man's land on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to mingle and exchange food and souvenirs. There were joint burial ceremonies and prisoner swaps, while several meetings ended in carol-singing. Men played games of football with one another, giving one of the most enduring images of the truce.  --Wikipedia
But then word came from on high that the war on Christmas needed to be won.

Our generals are the same way now as they were then, too.  So they're currently concerned that Europeans will not accept more diversity and cultural enrichment.

I wonder when they'll want to start trying to sell some freedumb fries again.  It's becoming harder to sell this stuff. Whatever you do, don't volunteer to serve in an army that doesn't serve your interests.  While you're off over there, your own family may be a target for more diversity and cultural enrichment that turns into "workplace violence" or random headlines about "Man, raped and killed." over here. 

This applies mainly to people of European descent in a progressively growing anti-White culture but ultimately all groups (Perhaps with the exceptional one... and it's not the supposed gay tribe, White gays!  Lol.) will be targeted for management/diversity and "equality" by folks like Lois Lerner.

Step up Haitian immigration, say that there's an ethnic ghetto of poverty forming (rather mysteriously!) that isn't equal with suburbia and then target "racist"/White suburbia for diversification.  Etc. 

Perhaps Asian suburbanites will be less likely to put up with this than White people.  After all, they seem like they aren't so witless as to not form a lobby group like everyone but White people has here.  Why did gay lobby groups form to save the gay?  Probably because they had an identity (If a bit silly!) based on Jewish TV shows and then lobbied politicians and so on.

One can almost hear White politicians complaining implicitly about White people sometimes, "Well, if you were actually here lobbying us like these silly gay groups are then you might get your way.  But apparently you're off in your garage trying to invent something to pull your own individual bootstraps for you or something."

Actually, although politics is naturally tribal they probably couldn't even articulate the behavior of their implicit voting bloc to that degree.  Whites.  Most may not even realize they exist as a group at this point. 

But they do!  And if they expect to continue existing then they better start looking out for themselves as a group targeted for diversification, worldwide.   

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