Friday, August 28, 2015

Looks like the Jew Wolfgang von Baumgart over at Delware Politics finally couldn't keep himself in check. Just a guess. Just a stereotype!

Nobody would let the Jewish refugees from Germany in.

What an idiot.  Just, idiotic.

There was a Zionist lobby that wanted Jews to go to Israel, then as now.  So they wouldn't let them in.

THAT”s how much influence the Jews had over the Allied nations…. NONE.

Little wonder that the Jews laugh at the dumb goyim to this day.

There is no global conspiracy that's always fully articulated.  There is only the tribalism that "Zionism" is becoming a lightening rod for. 

So it's likely that even the dumbest of the freedumb fries eating goyim will know more about the Jews and what they've been doing as a group soon enough.

"We're victims, again!"

You're victims of your own tribal lobbies and your own nationalists that signed off on the Transfer Agreement with Nazis while working against letting Jewish refugees come to the West?

Well, cue the violins!

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