Monday, April 21, 2014

Ramble 4/21


"....supporting sheriffs, forming militias..."

That has a lot more to do with protecting your family than heading off to shoot some peasants in another part of the world. 

But I guess that's hard to do if your sheriff is an idiot and "well regulated" militias are usually just a bunch of guys with problems with their masculinity.  Why would you support decentralizing power into your community and away from the SWAT Teams and militarized mercenaries serving oligarchs, if the first person in line for power is the village idiot?  It is possible that you're better off being policed by SWAT Teams for relatively harmless drugs like marijuana or raw milk* and whatever else, while they never raid the offices of Monsanto or Pharmaceuticals Inc. to see what's going on there (Due to "May cause violence and massacres at school..   which will make you depressed and need more of our products."/SSRIs, etc.). 

*In the case of raw milk, militarized mercenaries and SWAT Teams Inc. need to be sent in to protect we the people from the possibility of... dangerous diarrhea.  Obviously.  Safety first!  (As another mass school shooting happens in a "gun free zone" in the background... mainly because no one had a gun to shoot an SSRI crazed person.)   

Maybe it would be best if "liberals" and soccer moms tried their hand at being sheriffs and forming militias while "conservative" manly men tried their hand at occupying space and playing with arts and crafts more.  That way everyone would begin to empathize with each other instead of being divided, conquered... so that their wealth can be looted by a global Empire being financed and built up based on banking in NYC and the corrupt politicians in DC helping private bankers create more of the national debt/money that we, as peasants, supposedly owe to someone.  (Mainly ourselves... with some hefty interest charged by the same bankers that create "our" money out of nothing and some foreigners/Chinese thrown into the mix too.) 

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