Friday, April 25, 2014

I can only imagine what a peasant rebellion against the crime families (e.g. Bush/Clinton) of the ruling class and their growing Oligarchy Inc. would wind up looking like in America.

Hard to imagine but the prices at the Charcoal Pit will have to change to the point that peasants can't afford an extra milk shakes or whatever before people will want to "do something" again.  Then apparently they'll either wander around occupying space or waving their (Made in China) flags at a tea party.  I.e. more relatively useless social clubs based on Right/Left psychological dynamics (or feelings, as you might say of the Left but not the Right...) will be formed if the last "economic"/banking collapse that trickled down from above was any measure. 

On a side note, the Right is doing things based on feelings too... as can be seen in "the base" of the Right.

One thing about it now is that some of us are beginning to be out here looking at the symbolic Beast Inc. that seems to be looking at us.  Sandy Hook indicates that there are more and more of us willing to look at it.  So perhaps things can be slowed down some, so that more relatively powerless peasants can meet at the Charcoal Pit and enjoy some company before we all head the way of the Dodo.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Fun times. 

There has usually been a ruling class with actual power and peasants with little or no power.  Even the American Revolution was largely a dispute among different Masonic factions... which goes back to having the usual social clubs again.  But one thing about those social clubs and networks among the square/compass or ruling/measuring type classes is that they actually had some power to rule the world.  (Revolutionary power, if the French and American Revolutions were any measure...)   

Most of the modern clubs (Other than "lend to the goyim at interest"/Judaic tribalism banking type stuff where factions actually have centralized power and they can basically get away with huge investment opportunities like 911.) seem to be like the McDonaldization of Masonry for the base.  I.e. now that everyone thinks they know about secret clubs that aren't really secret, even "the base" can supposedly get to the 33rd degree before lunch, etc. So they don't really have to understanding anything about what they're incorporating themselves in and "Know not what they do." based on doing things by the numbers like 33, as usual.   (The year of the death of the Son of God in solar years seems like a great number to teach the base to idolize, huh?  Perspectives vary.)

But sure, those sort of base networks or clubs for the political base don't really matter.  In fact, a dupe or someone that sees what they will in the Babylonian babble of Babel prevalent in supposedly elite social clubs may even do some good charity work under the banner of their club and what not.  But when a Congressman posses with his "hidden hand" while passing laws to allow for insider trading based on national $ecurity and so forth, that sort of thing tends to matter.  Or when occult cabals of Babylonian/Judeo/Masonic bankers conspire at 33rd "Liberty" Street to incorporate everyone in their system of debt/slavery for more false profits, that matters.

Meanwhile, the powerless peasants outside of DC/NYC and the social networks typical to inside traitors closer to epicenters of ponzi:  "Hey, it seems like most people in Congress are rich or somethin'.  Oh well, let's go to the Charcoal Pit and be useless.  Did you schedule the next meeting or did I?"  Etc. 

It is what it is.  Many peasants actually want it that way anyway.  After all, ruling themselves and decentralizing power from the families that own their would be too much responsibility.  They're happy with their bread and circuses.  So be it.   

Although one way a more open emergence of the Oligarchy Inc. (generally being financed by the bankers of the banking cartel) could change is if there are more disputes among the ruling class and they begin to expose each other more and more.  (How did peasants get the Magna Carta? A rebellion among the aristocracy/governors trickling the notion of natural law down on them, if I recall correctly.  It seems to me that they were led by factions in their ruling class, just like when Americans were led in our Revolution.  From which we get the Bill of Rights... )   

There again, perhaps things will change due to technology again.  Sort of like the printing press decentralizing power before it was understood that firmer networks of Control Inc. would be necessary over information... as in America's corporate media.  Factions in the ruling class at least understood what was happening back then in the old peasant or debt/money slave rebellions.  Perhaps the same cannot be said of people like John "internet traditions" McCain or John "the internet makes it difficult to govern" Kerry.  And they do seem to be at least beginning to have a difficult time of it, even if most peasants are content with the System Inc...  at least until they get sick, need "money"... and find out that they supposedly still don't have enough.  (If only they were like John "peacenik turned war mongering ketchup king" Kerry or John "sinking US Liberty" McCain... then they'd have always enough money I guess.)


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