Friday, April 25, 2014

Ramble 4/25

 Look up in the brains between your symbolic temples to the Center because that's rather like the banks/temple buildings of your government in the body politic or center city, literally.

At least until it's time for a controlled demolition of both the Right and the Left pillars/towers of civilization to begin the establishment of a New Order (out of chaos).  Same old stuff. 

Note how the ruling class built their cities and so forth before Google earth and anyone but the supposed "elite" would have any idea of being like the "Most High" or having a higher perspective* than the rest of the body politic.  Shrug. Anyway, just a ramble... although there's little excuse for even the serfs and peasants and debt/money slaves of the ruling class not knowing that the political "base" of the pyramid scheme based on the Right/Tea and Left/Occupy goes up to the same point or mono/single eye/money, symbolically speaking.  Duh.  If they weren't into entertainment and having their "I want justice and logic... no welfare!  Vote red!" vs. "I want nurture... heck, I'm about to nurse people at my teat!  Vote blue!" psychological dynamics catered to then they would decentralize their system of money and take the power of their money back.

Red vs. Blue, it's a political circus act based on polarizing primary colors to produce entertaining light shows. 

 Red and Blue together in a more perfect, complementary union.... that is a reality that can give birth to new life.  But we seem to be getting farther away from a more perfect union now.


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