Thursday, March 28, 2013


I’m talking about the people who supposedly engaged in the conspiracy.

Ironically, I could cite interviews and more than a few verbal slip ups of the "Here is what we did." sort and so on with respect to those engaged in the conspiracy too.  Side note.. remember Bush saying that he saw the plane hitting the building on TV, etc.?  Guess they had a TV in the school there, etc.  Poor guy, it's as if he is mentally disabled and was left to read "my pet goat" during the attacks.  So if low information content sheeple ever need a scapegoat... well.  But from the perspective of higher information content psychopaths it turns out that most sheeple led like lambs to the slaughter are even more stupid and ignorant than expected.  

But what would any of that matter, if it's not the main stream media itself telling you what type of conspiracy theory to believe?  

You never said what would supposedly convince you of anything (anything at all) other than the official "conspiracy theory" trickled down on the stupid and lazy journalists of the mainstream media the day of the attacks. (Almost prematurely, in some instances... guess the official conspiracy theory wasn't a highly classified stream of information, huh?)  So we're left with the ridiculous official "conspiracy theory" in which some Muslim guys living in caves conspired among themselves to see that Operation Northwoods finally went through (while accidentally having their passport fly out the window of a plane along with American's civil rights in the process, etc.) 

Wait... here's the official story, they conspired totally among themselves in a big, but thoroughly OFFICIAL Conspiracy©.  (According to "official sources" leaking on main stream media, i.e. American journalists, i.e. imbeciles)...) . 

And it was the sort of terrist conspiracy that no one could see coming or plan for.  Indeed, according to official reports and official testimony later no one could have foreseen or even imagine it happening, really.  I'd imagine that only some crazy conspiracy theorist UFO types with their tin foil hats on too tight could have imagined it:

Imagine that.  

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