Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good comment on the biases of some conspiracy theorists...

Marcos said (November 22, 2012):

One of the worst problems with conspiracy researchers is that, because they find some proofs of orchestration of events in the top levels of politics, they think that everything is a conspiracy. That's not true. The elite must use and manipulate current social and historic situations, they seldom create anything new from scratch.

A good case is Islam. Much more than a religion, Islam has been a political and social since the VII century. They hate the west and almost gobbled up Europe several times, and still hold fast to their dream of Jihad holy war and the control of the world through Sharia law, which means the destruction of freedom for all.

While it is true that Israeli leadership does not want peace, but a continuation of conflict to eventually start WWIII for the antiChrist to arrive, radical Muslims are crazy, wild fanatics by themselves. They climb on their roofs to cheer when rockets are falling in Israel, with disregard to their own safety. They train their kids to hate jews. They give a free pass to their leaders, forget about their poverty and corruption because they are distracted hating Israel.

To support savage Muslims against the civilized society of Israel because of the errors of some of their leaders is madness.
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I think it's because Talmudic Jews partnering with Zionists and their false flag attacks and so on have gotten away with a lot more than anyone else.  So that's why for more than a few people at Veteran's Today everything is interpreted in that framework.  "Jews" or at least people who think of themselves as a tribe of the chosen probably are the most powerful faction seeking global government and global dominion.  Although... there's an element of truth to Glenn Beck's idea about other people seeking global government that's mainly just a lot of hot air.  I mean, seriously... do radical Muslims have much influence in the global banks or in having Team America World Police begin to police the globe for banksters? 

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