Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Libya & Gaddafi - The Truth you are not supposed to know

  Not sure about all the claims in this, actually might be worth researching a few of them.

At this point I'm not sure what the difference would be between our "democracy" and anything else around the world if Americans can be imprisoned without trial, tortured or assassinated.  Although our current ruling class just admitted that they can't assassinate us without trial.  Shew.  The only thing really standing in the way of it all seems to be American tradition, common law and common sense.  It's no longer really "constituted" as a Constitutional form of government, if it ever was in the first place. 

Anyway... maybe a good principle for the ruling class all around the world would be that they have to ride around in their country in an open air vehicle with minimal security?  That would be something.  Watch out, terrists!!!  (Because the terrists are always just like crazy lone gunman who want to kill other people for no reason, no reason at all.) 

Anyway... notice how whoever gets to be the latest global Empire usually has to have a Praetorian guard, imperial theatrics and everything else that goes along with it.  And apparently that task has fallen to America now more than ever.

I probably need to find a beach somewhere and go kite surfing all day.


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