Monday, March 25, 2013

Poor lemmings!

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Just meandering around and wondering about lemmings...  you've been warned.

Why do I keep insulting lemmings by using them as a metaphor for people?  They actually seem to have a better herd instinct than the masses, even when they run out of resources due to the usual exponential growth curves... despite how Disney framed them.  (If it looks like they're not really jumping off the cliff, it may be because they are not.  And that's Disney for you... when you wish upon a star from the Sirius system then be careful that your dreams do not turn into nightmares?  Imagine that.)

But I guess that's what you get when you're a lower order of being like lemmings...  you get to be used as a metaphor, a form of currency/sacrifice or even a form of food by any beings that are higher.  Well, except in the case of Jesus... He really messed around with the patterns of this world.

Random note, there's something ironic about the modern trend of condemning the Creator of everything for all the death and destruction in the world while meat is still stuck in your teeth and you're benefiting from the rise of civilizations that resulted from people using, enslaving and slaughtering animals.*  The universal nature of animal sacrifice and slaughter pretty much covers it all, despite the best efforts of some to avoid the fact that they've already benefited from the forms of animal sacrifice at the root of all civilizations.  It covers all civilization, just like using a sheep skin from which the blood has hardly been removed from for clothing.

Apparently we usually don't have much of a problem with the nature of good and evil and will even use sacrifice as a form of currency for ourselves in deeming or "redeeming" the cost of debt.  And as long as we don't have to sacrifice much ourselves, few complain.  We're a shrewd species.  So one might imagine it as frustrating for any "aliens" or higher orders of being trying to get the Creator of everything to condemn creatures created in His own image... instead of them.  The whole concept of sacrifice doesn't seem nice.... so what would Jesus do if Lucifer the "light bearer" and all the governing bodies of this world shared a form of communion with God that lower orders of being can only dream of?

Maybe most modern people want to imagine everything as "nice" and loving, until they have to sacrifice.  (I.e. if they can't put aside or sacrifice their own desires to avoid trampling each other to death at Walmart then it's unlikely that there's some sort of a gay utopia of tolerance just over the rainbow once the banksters are done with America.)

*And it's not even that.  People have even used and enslaved each other based on the same model as the thinking applied to animals.  Gives you some idea of why the symbolic Lamb of God has little use for the greatest of these.  It's all symbolic, except when it isn't.  So I probably love symbolism more than I should.

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