Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Team and Red Team

Blue Team and Red Team are generally the same with respect to anything important and significant like geopolitics or "our"currency or the notion of $afety first... etc.

Whether a Blue State or Red State, they're generally just primary colors used in the theatrical production on a political stage marketed to appeal to people's primal instincts without changing anything significant in reality.  And if you spin those colors fast enough on the top of police cars then they can become be emblematic of a growing Police $tate (inc.) too.

But for all their supposed cynicism, it would seem that most people still believe in the images in primary colors that they see on TV and what remains of the "mainstream" media on their Boob Tube.

It's likely that the young will be different by default, mainly because they're not watching TV anymore.... or if they are, they're watching a fragmented version of it.

Because now even Big Brother has been reduced and fragmented into pure entertainment.

Random note... maybe it's little wonder that people seem to be having post apocalyptic visions about the banksters dividing America up into twelve districts (like the private banking cartel already does) and having people entertain themselves "based" on hunger or some such?  (It's the base of the pyramid scheme in Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the measure of debt that the banksters running the globe have been using globally for a while now.) 

Side note, makes you wonder what the "illuminati" are doing up there at the supposed level of enlightenment and illumination now that the New World Order and "thousand points of light" is beginning to look more and more like peasants with pitchforks headed toward the current pyramid scheme. 

In any event, I haven't seen the moovies but maybe even the metaphoric cattle have enough herd instinct left to know that they're headed toward something that looks suspiciously like global feudalism.  I read that the vision for the Hunger Games moovies and imagery came about through the juxtaposition of Iraq war footage and a reality show in the author's mind.  That might be apposite, given the trends of the banksters.  12 districts?  But where's the 13th district of dubious sovereignty where the elite can store all the wealth, etc.?

Actually, it's probably not even in America.

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