Thursday, August 18, 2005

What I should be doing...

A photographer happened by and took this picture. She gave it to some people staying at my parent's vacation house later. She had told me to sail over there and she'd give me a picture. Believe it or not there was wind further out and once I got out there I sailed for a while. The woods on the beach was blocking it all in this picture.

The next day was nominally windy, enough to go about 15 to 20mph I'd guess. It's hard to say on the water. The marine police stopped me that day and gave me a ticket for not wearing a life jacket. I'm not sure if there is actually a law, in some states there is and in some there isn't. It all depends on if you consider a surfboard a "vessel," I suppose. At any rate, I didn't argue about it although they could have given a warning instead of a ticket with a steep fine. It was my fault in too many ways.

Besides, if the fellows who care more about keeping your life safely safe than you do weren't around we'd probably all be dead by now. And the unsaftey of that, it just doesn't seem safe. So it's a good thing they are there, as I'm sure they'd point out. Saftey first!

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