Thursday, August 25, 2005

The "God of the gaps"

That is an old canard typical to those with the urge to merge. It is symbolic of the fact that they want to fill every gap instead of looking at gaps and separations for what they are empirically. The simple fact is, sometimes there are gaps and separations. Just as one cannot deny the existence of self-evident truths and circles to avoid the logician's condemnation about circular reasoning one cannot deny gaps just to suit those with the urge to merge.

The typical reaction of a materialist to a gap in empirical or physical knowledge opening an opportunity for faith is that any mists of mysticism or singularities can then be filled with anything at all because all faith is at the same epistemic level, so enter Santa, pink unicorns, etc. That's because materialists are mental retards that do not realize that gaps are not necessarily so empty of meaning that they can be filled with anything at all, although when dealing with a child or childish half-wits, bringing in Santa, Tooth Fairies and so on might actually be appropriate.

One cannot say anything about the transphysical or the spiritual, there can be patterns to gaps that contain meaning, as sure as there can be patterns to which neurons fire over synaptic gaps to allow you to think through your brain right now. Interesting to note that most of the time you actually aren't intervening in most of your physical brain events, you just go on breathing and so on. Yet you could intervene in things that you are for the most part sovereign over, if you willed it so. Typically your will can be thought in your own brain thanks to being created in the pattern of a Being who can also intervene in what He is sovereign over, even if it was never His will to intervene, the fact of ultimate sovereignty would remain.
Newman describes the role of a traditional God in terms of providence, or the laws that bring about an orderly universe, and intervention, in which the Creator infuses new and special levels of order, whether in the creation of life or in the individual human being and human consciousness. He agrees that the notion of an intervening God raises again the “God of the gaps” problem, but insists there are gaps nevertheless.
You’ve either got a God of the gaps or a natural law of the gaps. So you look at what kind of gaps they are. Some gaps are pretty large. In those cases, when you have to theorize billions or trillions of universes for natural law to fill those gaps, then I begin to suspect that we’re really looking at evidence of some kind of intervention.
(By Design: Science and the Search for God
By Larry Witham :52)

Although it seems that God has left enough evidence that one only needs a small mustard seed of faith to have the eyes to see it, those that are blind will believe in millions of universes and so on as there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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