Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Global warming astronomical?

...new research suggests that the coming and going of major ice ages might result partly from our solar system's passage through immense, snakelike clouds of exploding stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
(Are Earth ice ages created by stars?
Researchers link solar system travel, terrestrial climate
By Keay Davidson, SeattlePI)

It may be that...or the twelfth planet, I suppose. But since the ancients wrote that there were twelve celestial bodies and so on in their astronomy/astrology then the moderns will say something else, probably just to prove that they are being scientific and modern. It is too bad that science is not scientia, knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge as such and the application of wisdom.

Instead there seems to be a lot of scientism. As I noted before of global warming, (It's global warming, so get out your ear muffs.) vast claims need vast evidence. The claim that a globe is warming is an astronomical type of claim and scientists would probably be better off looking for astronomical evidence, even a galactic hypothesis like this. Instead, according to the usual Herd on the Left it seems that we are supposed to believe that tiny little human specks driving SUVs around causes an entire planet to warm appreciably, which may lead to global flooding. Interesting to note that although there may be global flooding from driving SUVs and the like the global Flood of Noah is simultaneously so unlikely that it is just more ancient superstition. Maybe if the Sumerians had driven some SUVs, then there would have been the sort of Deluge that they wrote of, see.

There is nothing that can convince a "skeptical" half-wit on such matters. In fact, I've found that there is nothing that can convince me of some wit when my will is intent on rebellion against knowledge that I do not want to have. The ironic thing is that often, you still know it. (More on the tell tale signs of some things that you cannot not know, later.)

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