Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good and Evil

It's Sunday, so a little theology. Although I am no biblical theologian, hmmm.

Evil seems to want to posses, wants to get inside and be ingested, wants to merge into, eat up, rule over, etc.

"Eat me and let my form of knowledge all inside you in this moment, to merge into you, posses you..." As opposed to, "Eat me and do this in rememberance of me, as me. I do this for you, as you. Trust me in very small ways and you will come to love me for who I am too."

Good seems to want to give as in the gift of grace, wants self-government to be learned, is the Way out of being possesed by Evil, is based on marriage of complementary beings instead of merging all types of being together, etc.

Perhaps both the Prince of this world and the Prince of peace are communicating that to come to be a part of them they have to be symbolically eaten as an act of will. Perhaps one should be careful of the will, as it guides what will be done.

Is this theology? Hmmm...

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