Thursday, July 21, 2005

That's a picture that will probably haunt a fellow.

(John G. Roberts (L) stands next to President George W. Bush as Roberts' son John dances. )

Imagine a graduation party slide show: "That's John in the bathtub. Now here's John dancing in front of the president..."

Anyhow, the Leftists don't seem to be going all craaazy yet but they'll probably come up with something or other in the process as an excuse to get all craaazy. One new problem (Besides that little matter of losing elections.) is that their faithful Old Press is not going to be able prop up the notion that their hysteria actually matters. If history is any measure they will work to find something as an excuse to get hysterical and the Old Press will focus on that because it is sensationalistic.

But the combination of the New Media and the fact that the Left is losing elections undermines the old patterns.

So dance, little man, dance!

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