Monday, July 18, 2005

NASA may find life on Mars

The US space agency believes the two rover spacecraft scuttling across the red planet are carrying bacteria from Earth.

The bacteria, bacillus safensis, were found in a chamber in California that had been used to test the rovers. Officials believe it is likely that some of the microbes, possibly from scientists' skin, were on board when the mission left. (

So there may be life on Mars after all.

Just think if the scripts of Darwinian scriptures and narratives were correct and all the improbability and impossibility of such stories could be overcome....then millions of years from now some martian form of life might look up at the sky and wonder about its existence. I bet that if Earth had finally suffered an extinction event that wiped out all terrestrial life then few such life forms would think that the trail of cause and effect in their existence included some little space ship with some bacteria on it.

Would they link themselves back to a vast and ancient civilization or mythological gods who came from the sky? Would some ask the ultimate question, "Well, then why was that civilization there? Why is there something instead of nothing? Where do all stories begin?" I'm sure that someone would come up with something or other, as creatures that can think always seem to come up with something instead of nothing. There does not seem to be anything the matter with pure thought.

For better or worse,

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