Saturday, July 09, 2005

A Delawarean progressive....

I was reading some blogs and somehow came across this one: Delaware Watch. It seems to be written by a real tie-dyed-in-the-wool type of fellow caught in mommy Nature and so on.

He has a post up on the G-8 protestors. What I don't understand is the tendency among Leftists towards dressing up as clowns to protest, although it may be appropriate. E.g:

(I suppose that she sure showed the establishment the error of their ways. Because, well...dressing up as a clown and kissing a police shield is a fine example of public policy analysis and demonstrates that she knows how to solve Africans' problems for them. If only the establishment would follow her advice because Third World thieves, dictators, fascists and assorted con-men that pretty much make the Third World what it is probably just need a kiss!)

I think I'll keep watch on this Delaware Watch since it would be good to know the perspective of a local Leftist.

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