Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I don't post about myself much, just windsurfing, the origins of the world and dead dogs coming back to life. But I guess people get curious. Why no close pictures...why?! Very well, I had someone else's digital camera today.

I would have smiled but you should try flashing yourself in the face and see if your eyes stay open. Anyhow, I'm busy fixing a computer now. I don't know what people do to these things, I really don't.

Maybe it's like this: "I think I'll install a little program that changes the mouse to a flower. How cute! ...and now, a little birdie too. What's this AIM, what friendly friends... [Click, click....]" Who can say exactly what happens, it's like a divine mystery....but 11 viruses and 25 pieces of spyware don't come from nothing. That's not the computer I'm fixing now. I guess every computer geek has their stories about people and their computers. One I heard: "Why, one time I was fixing the computer of a graphic artist who had hot swapable harddrives so he could take his work home with him and one day he came in and must've shoved the drive in backwards. Six months of work was on it because he wasn't the type to think to back it up. What an idiot...six months!"

I can imagine that moment for the artist though. "Hey, what just happened...uh, wait a minute...wha....that can't, NO, NOOOOO!!"

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