Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Turned into a ramble... whatever....

But a humorous aspect of the common Jewish trope that "racism"/"Nazism" can be diversified out of existence (a melting pot of wretched refuse in Zionist poems and plays, etc.) in order to keep Jews safe from "Nazis" is that white ethnic groups tend toward individualism. Pretty far toward individualism. Even the great bugaboo of Germany in the early 1900s proves it. It took the currency crashing. It took the degeneracy of Berlin and the Jewish Communists. They were using the currency to heat their houses while their children starved before they went tribal. It is possible for whites to go tribal. To white fight, instead of white flight like they usually do. But they usually will not go tribal.

Many other ethnic groups are more prone to tribalism and forming gangs, so they will see Tim for who he actually is when white people ("rugged individualists," euphemisms vary) are gone anyway. This is what all the alternative media Jews/Drudge/Brietbart/etc. supporting Trump is all about. All Zionists. It's not really about witless white people that can't even see other ethnic groups because they're fair/white minded individualists. If he didn't have Jewish support he would have never become president. The Jewish neoconservatives, the Jewish Left/NYT/Tim Wise/etc., all blame white people or focus on Bannon as a "white supremacist" (Lol)... and never mention the Zionist Jews as Jews of the alternative media (Roger Stone, Drudge, Brietbart, etc.) that helped get Trump elected.

Something interesting about the internet is that it connects individuals while also leaving a permanent record of connections/tribalism and ethnic identity. So perhaps even witless white individualists will begin to see why Tim hates them. It's already (((begun))), I guess.

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