Wednesday, March 22, 2017


White people that remain Democrats don't have a will to live and carry on the customs and traditions and habits of their ancestors for the sake of their children. Democrats = feminism/LGBT/abortion/the lowered birthrates below replacement levels in any ethnic group that joins them and supports their ideology.

The lowered birthrates their ideology produces are combined with mass immigration instead of population stabilization,, so they'll always be replacing their voters while diversifying the last batch of dupes in their oligarchic dumbocrazy out of existence.

This is lethal for the indigenous African Americans voting for Democrats, same as European Americans. But I just wrote a few paragraphs and people don't have long attention spans now. But I'll tell you this, the Founders had long attention spans and studied civilization intently for their own sake and for the sake of their descendants. "We the people... for ourselves and our posterity."

And no. They did not think that "progress" would eventually be defined as electing the first Pakistani president, then the first African pygmy, then a Chinese president, then anyone but a European American president. Then the first woman president that feels like a man, so she transitioned to being a male while in office. This definition of "progress" and liberalism being used to liberate people from sanity didn't even occur to them. Mainly because it's not progress towards anything but the regressive destruction of the civilization that they built up.

When Elizabeth Warren takes down all the national monuments in DC and brings in a Totem Pole to do a Rain Dance around, then perhaps European Americans will admit that something is wrong.

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