Thursday, March 30, 2017

Detriot and Diversity....

Colonize Detroit with mass Chinese immigration. Problems solved. We're a nation of immigrants, so what does the ethnic composition of a city matter? Dream that you can't see the changes.

But implicitly admit the truth by saying that you can see the city is progressively "vibrant" and "diverse" as African Americans are displaced by a growing Chinese community. Send out a Chinese civil rights activist to give African Americans a little speech about how he has a dream that they would judge his children by the content of their character instead of the shape of their eyes. Etc.

That wouldn't work? Yeah, I guess it probably wouldn't work. It's probably only white people ("rugged INDIVIDUALISTS) that are stupid and ignorant enough to believe in all that crap about racism.  They usually try to be fair/white minded individuals to the death.  Literally, to the death!

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