Monday, March 20, 2017


The Jews/"globalists" run Hollywood, that's why the Absolute Evil in their world of gender fluid relativism is Nazism. You act like it's all just natural degeneracy, as if it isn't a defilement of the "unclean goyim" similar to the ritual defiling that takes place in Judaism.

There are no "illuminati" unless you're talking about the Jewish idea of being a "light unto the goyim".... broadcast from Hollywood. What's the moral absolute that remains when a Jew like (((Anton Levay)))/whatever creates a supposed church of Satan? Or a Jew like Saul Alinsky tries to create yet another anti-white revolution, etc. "Antisemitism" and Nazism remain as the moral absolute and the greatest taboo for Hollywood (beyond pedophilia) when all other standards are flushed down the gender fluid toilet.

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