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Time for the West to REPENT of its ill treatment of the Jews, Mynym.
As individuals?
Wait, we’re all just individuals that have no connection to history or ourselves as a group according to you.
Yet according to your adherence to the halacha-ding-ding stuff of rabbis it would seem that “the Jews”* are a group. So it would seem that they should apologize, as a group, for all their bad behavior!
On a serious note, being shifty about being an individual disconnected from tribal history or a member of a group with an actual history (beyond consumerism, entertainment and Bratz dolls) is fundamental to a lot of this.
Have you begun to make your mind up about that, yet? You repeatedly indicate that White people exist as a group when we’re supposedly to blame for something, yet then deny our existence as a group later.
Meanwhile you’re saying that Jews exist as a group (That need an apology, no less!) while “the West” is an abstraction. How is an abstraction going to apologize? Who is the West?
Frankly, I think the Jews (and you) have begun to make White people apologize for things that their ancestors didn’t even do, when they’re not playing pretend about being members of another group. (Funny how they realize that groups exist enough to play pretend about growing up in a Tee Pee or being Cherokee and what not like Elizabeth Warren.)
For example, apologizing for making Jews into human soap* and lamp shades while demanding that the Germans build more submarines for their ethno/nationalist state.
Provided we admit that “the Germans” exist as a group long enough for Jewish group interests to be served, I suppose.
* 😐 Note how ridiculous some of the cartoon narratives left over from WWII have been:

After the war, supposed Holocaust victims were solemnly buried, in the form of soap bars, in Jewish cemeteries. In 1948, for example, four such bars wrapped in a funeral shroud were ceremoniously buried according to Jewish religious ritual at the Haifa cemetery in Israel. [13] [????] Other bars of “Jewish soap” have been displayed as grim Holocaust relics at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the Stutthof Museum near Gdansk (Danzig), the Yivo Institute in New York, the Holocaust Museum in Philadelphia, the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne (Australia), and at various locations in Israel. [14]

….the charge that the Germans manufactured soap from human beings is a falsehood, as Holocaust historians[/careerists] are now belatedly acknowledging. The “RIF” soap bar initials that supposedly stood for “Pure Jewish Fat” actually indicated nothing more sinister than “Reich Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning” (“Reichsstelle für Industrielle Fettversorgung”), a German agency responsible for wartime production and distribution of soap and washing products. RIF soap was a poor quality substitute that contained no fat at all, human or otherwise. [27]
‘Jewish Soap’
By Mark Weber)
These lies tend to matter to this day because you and people like Huckabee are making one ethnic cleansing campaign and genocide special or different from all the others. And in this way, you tend to religiously justify numerous wars and acts of aggression that would not be tenable in a world of facts and logic that wasn’t full of cartoons and looney tunes characters.
Sometimes it seems like guys like you are one step from Huckabibi and Tom Cotton trying to invade Iran to save the Jews (as a group!) from some cartoons or something.
I would say that you need to read more books. But that’s not it.
Even in this cartoon “human soap” case, a Jewish genocidal maniac from the Soviet side (great allies, by the way) noted this:

Leading Soviet war propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg wrote in his postwar memoir: “I have held in my hand a cake of soap stamped with the legend ‘pure Jewish soap’, prepared from the corpses of people who had been destroyed. But there is no need to speak of these things: have been written about them.” [22]<
You have to be able to think for yourself and perhaps hop on Google Earth to study the camps and think about, what makes sense here? In the first place, what is physically possible when it comes to killing large numbers of people? And so on. It’s too bad, one can’t even say… “Seriously, you need to read more books!” After all, the best books have usually been censored in the land of freedumb fries…
There’s the internet in general. Are you learning how to use it yet or sitting around arguing to yourself that it’s “antisemitic”? An interesting aspect of it is this, many Jews now are still behaving as they have historically. They are calling for the genocide of White people again and so on.
Gregor Gysi is a Jewish attorney and key politician of the political party The Left (Die Linke), a party which emerged in parts from the old East German communist party, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.
In this video he celebrates the fact that the indigenous German population is in decline describing it as “fortunate” that more Germans are dying than are being born. He says that ‘because of the German’s past’ they should help facilitate and speed up their own demographic destruction by allowing in even more immigrants. His slogan is “live better without nazis, diversity is our future.” Link

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