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Mister... Moseley

So Ludwig von Mises is a Jew.

Your point is?

Perhaps he is less likely to identify the people running the federal reserve in order to turn the tables on them and root out their Talmudic culture. 

Looks like:  (Gold Standard | Mises Institute)

Same old:
Whether a currency is backed by gold  makes no difference as long as we are paying interest. This is still ‘The Synagogue of  Satan, who say they are Jews, but are not’, enslaving us with interest. It  is still ‘Jewish’ economics. The real alternative is an interest-free currency.
 ....they will have their answer ready when their Fiat Empire comes to it’s end.

That answer may be Austrian Economics.

Here’s why:

Murray Rothbard was a son of poor Jewish immigrants from Poland. Ludwig von Mises was a son of a wealthy Jewish financier family from what is now the Ukraine. When von Mises came to the US, he was set up with a grant from the Rockefellers.

Austrian Economics correctly identifies the manipulation of the money supply as the cause of the boom/bust, a.k.a business cycle. This is the little bit of truth necessary for the rest of the disinformation to have credibility. However, they completely ignore the wealth transfer through interest, which is of much greater significance.

The Grip of Interest

Interest has always been the Money Power’s main tool. They took power by creating wars, financing both sides, and having Governments go deeply into debt.

This is the key issue: interest is a wealth transfer from the poorest 80% to the richest 10%.

The global numbers are not known, but in Germany  $1 billion per day is paid by the poorest 80% and extrapolated to the world this means the Plutocracy drain anywhere between $5 trillion and $10 trillion dollars per year. [How many crackhead "journalists," media and culture creation directed toward full faith and credit or controlled problem/reaction/solutions do you suppose that could buy in the American corporate media?   And the alternative media, how much would it cost to buy most of it too?]

The US Govt loses up to $700 billion per year in debt service. That’s a TARP every year. All for money that was printed the minute it was borrowed.

But Austrian Economics will ‘fix’ that problem: we’ll be paying it for Gold-based credit instead.

To add insult to injury: the boom/bust cycle will not change, which is the basic case for gold.

Gold has been the standard for a long time and it didn’t stop the Money Power from creating asset bubbles and deflationary busts.  Link
  What stops them?  Control over the money supply and ethnically homogenous cultures tend to stop the multicultural police state of Babel that incites, feeds and finances wars.

Here's someone that rebelled against them:
After all, much like you, he probably agreed with them in many ways.   You as a "conservative" usually seem to be far from Christianity and closer to the traditions of the racial cult invented by the Pharisees:
Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers...
(Matthew 21)

Send in Michael Savage/Weiner, I suppose...  your example of a "nationalist."   He'll tell them that nationalist representatives of a nation should issue its own currency interest free based on faith in the people? 

There again, is he savage enough to take on the tribe or is he just another weiner?

Thoughts on the gold standard from a great American:
Wars are made to make debt. You have already got quite a lot of it, and the judeophile N.Y. Herald is already howling to have it quadrupled by the simple device of returning to GOLD as the fictitious basis of bank loans, and currency.   Willkie I take it is already being groomed up to work that betrayal on the American people.  The wheeze was worked after the wars of Napoleon. It was worked after the American Civil War. It was worked by the Cunliffe Committee, after the last war.

Ships are sunk IN ORDER TO HAVE SHIPS SUNK. When ships are sunk, there is a greater demand for new ships. The sinking augments the MARKET for new ships. More ships are wanted because more ships have been destroyed. And LOAN CAPITAL, usurer’s capital, money made by a stroke of the banker’s pen is wanted for FINANCING new construction. Arabs are murdered to keep things lively. Cities are destroyed IN ORDER that cities may be destroyed. The frontier means nothing to the financier. The MORE houses fall on BOTH sides of the frontiers, the more loan-capital will be wanted so long as the usurocrat system endures; so long as the usurocrat system endures, the more loan capital will be required to finance reconstruction. The more simple people are ruined, the more bankruptcies, the more bankrupt concerns can be snapped up cheap by the owners of loan capital.  --Ezra Pound
The myths of Mises: 
1. Bankers hate Gold

Nowadays everybody knows that the 19th century was called ‘the Age of Rothschild’. They controlled the Gold Market and became incredibly rich by lending the stuff to Governments.

The Money Power came to power through Gold.

They love it because it is deflationary, they can tax it with interest, they can create the boom/bust cycle with it and they control it completely.

Clearly Bankers don’t hate gold. Europe was on a Gold Standard for the entire 19th century and left it only in the thirties, due to the horrible deflation that was the Great Depression. Populists at the time finally managed to force their Governments to get rid of it. They had been warning about its deflationary tendencies for ever.
Alan Greenspan, one of the more famous Austrian Gold loving Bankers, wrote in 1966: “An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions.“

Government, of course, is Austrian Economics’s classic enemy, but the adversary du jour in the ‘Truth Movement’ are the Bankers. So to sell something we say Bankers hate it.

They did face the little problem that the American Populists would be very hard to convince of this.   Not in the least because of the book ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’ by Eustace Mullins [antisemitic, of course], who famously described who owns the FED and how it came about. Mullins of course was quite explicit in his analysis of Gold as the Banker’s favorite currency.
2. Government is the main problem
This is the red herring that Austrian Economics is famous for. Just like the mainstream it completely ignores the Money Power.

Austrian Economics is also incredibly ‘naive’ when it comes to private interests controlling markets. Austrian Economics will always explain Governments shouldn’t mess with the economy, while ignoring the monopolistic inclination of Capital.
As a result Austrian Economics is the wet dream of the Trillionaires, as they will resist any Government action against them and their Transnationals.

Austrian Economics will actually blame Government for the fact that markets now are controlled by Transnational Cartels. Why they don’t seem to consider the shareholders and controllers responsible remains an open question.

To be fair, the analysis of Austrian Economics about the negative implications of many regulations is spot on and very enlightening.

However, to ignore the power struggle that is inevitable both in the market in and politics, is so naive and pleasant to the powerful that it is almost impossible to fathom how somebody else could have thought it up than these powerful interests themselves.

The fact is, that Governments all over the world have been subverted by private interests. And these private interests are quite homogenous. This international centralization of power, concentrated around extremely rich banking families, the Money Power, is the problem.

Government is a neutral institution, associated with a Nation.
(Top Ten Lies and Mistakes of Austrian Economics
by Anthony Migchels on January 25, 2012 )

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