Friday, July 24, 2015

Meh, this doesn't matter.

...Speaking of “John Stewart,”...

By the way, it's Jon Stewart. 

Interesting attempt at culture creation by him: 
Rosewater is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Jon Stewart, based on the memoir Then They Came for Me by Maziar Bahari and Aimee Molloy.[7] It recounts Bahari's 2009 imprisonment by Iran, connected to an interview he participated in on The Daily Show that same year; Iranian authorities presented the interview as evidence that he was in communication with an American spy.[8] Due to the content of the film, Stewart has been accused by Iran's state TV of being funded by Zionists and working with the CIA.[9]  --Wikipedia
  The humorous thing about it is that the suburban sayanim and Mossad agents like Arnon Milchan try to call their ethnic activism a "conspiracy theory" until they award themselves an Oscar, as they did for Argo.  (Or until they want to brag about the tale wagging the dog among the goyim. ) 

US Embassy security tried to destroy all its secret documents by shredding them, but the students, over months, patiently sewed the bits and pieces together and published them, exposing their nefarious tactics in books that US Customs would not allow Americans to see. (Friends of mine had their copies seized when they returned from a reporting trip to Iran in that period.) There is a reference to the recovery of some of this information in Argo, but not much about what was in those documents.  This was all before the age of WikLeaks.

But never mind the facts or their selective retelling:  in Hollywood, only story matters.*   You can just hear the actors telling their agents “how cool this film is” – especially because movie-making is the movie’s sub-plot, the glory of the story, so to speak...  --Rehmat, Google
    *Same mentality: doesn’t matter whether your statements are “true” or “balanced” or not – if the statements are likely to paint vulnerable minorities in a negative light and/or incite hatred against vulnerable minorities, then those statements are illegal...  --Tanya Kohanim/Cohen

"Some events do take place but are not true; others are - although they never occurred."

"I describe incidents which may or may not have happened but which are true." --Elie Wiesel

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