Thursday, July 30, 2015



..... "If you disagree with MY views, I'm going to ban ALL mention of an issue that will eventually result in my demographic and racial replacement?"

As they say, 'grow a pair,' and not to satisfy your sodomite lusts, either, buddyboy.
But to become a man. The FEAR of the cucksockers (reverse the vowels) out there, is approaching the smell of urine in the pants, among the GOP (GAY OLD PARTY) inbreds.
My wife and I were talking about what Trump represents for the GOP- he represents MANHOOD; that old, I don't give a damn, John Wayne, move over cowboy masculine approach to power, right, and AUTHORITY. And it SCARES THE Jebs, Graham crackers, Rubio fishtaco types to death. Because it shows up their CUCKHOLDRY.

This is the greatest sea change in politics, American awareness of the LIES of the last FORTY YEARS, and the END OF FEMINIST, FRUITY RULE.

Smell the bloodlust of real Americans; MEN vying for their country in the air, folks.
And thenrejoice that the end of the age of the high-heel wearing conscript, the sissified twenty something Bieber/dweeber, the ideological coward, and the totally feminized male is near.

The blasphemous and immoral decisions about sodomite usurpation of the Sacrament of Marriage, and the Stars and Bars of the White Race, were the Kristallnacht of Aryan Man.
Arise. The Saxon has awoken.
Deo Volente.

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