Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shrug... 6/18

The Knights Templar — actually a very huge organization according to some accounts (on the History Channel) — created its own culture spreading across Europe in sharp conflict with the surrounding culture of European countries. ...

So it is simply not true that racial groups develop a culture.


Territorial enclaves develop a culture — not racial groups.

Families, tribes and racial groups usually develop territorial enclaves in which they cultivate their culture.  That's why suburbia exists.  And that's also why it's hated and defamed by the foreigners that run Hollywood. 

    The media, of course, is a constituent part of that Matrix, and I am particularly interested in the Hollywood branch of the media. Needless to say, most TOO readers are probably aware of Hollywood’s pronounced anti-White, anti-Christian bias and are clued in to the ways they subvert traditional White Christian culture.
   One of my favorite essays unpacking Hollywood’s subversion has always been Kevin Beary’s “Adorno’s Bastards: Pleasantville and the Frankfurt School,” which parses the storyline of the anti-White film Pleasantville.   Link

Every effort was made in this movie to show how phony Pleasantville was. Since Pleasantville was the white values system in Gary Ross' mind, you see that he feels the entire white culture of the 1950s, where civilized people did not discuss sex, PMS or hemorrhoids in mixed company, was completely phony.
 Note if you will that the multicultural elitists are no happier today than they were before. They are continuing to proclaim that we "still have a long ways to go." In fact, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how low we sink, we will always "have a long ways to go," in their twisted minds. Whites have given up their history. They have given up their culture. They have given up their language. They have given up their right to live among their own people. They have given up the right to continue the survival of their species. And still, "we have a long ways to go." A thousand years after the last white man has been killed or bred out of existence, they will still be whining about how racist whites were.

Meanwhile back at Pleasantville, Betty, the "mother" of David and Jennifer, hears from her "daughter," that up at lover's lane they are doing more than hand holding. Once again the absurdity of Gary Ross' premise is called into high contrast. Here is a "mother" who has never heard of sex. She has two children but no knowledge of where children come from. Implied is, if people in the 1950s refused to discuss their sex lives in public, they obviously did not have any. Of course all the children produced in the 1950s, known as the "Baby Boom," show this to be a lie. The "sexual revolution" destroyed the restraint which our white culture had created around the sexual act, and thereby weakened nearly all lifetime commitments between men and women of the future. Now a bride is not a virgin and fidelity after marriage is all too often not to be found. Gary Ross thinks that is just great, as our marriages collapse. He feels it is far superior to the horrid marriages that lasted an entire lifetime, where nearly all children were raised right into their own adulthood by their real biological parents together.   (The Rape of Pleasantville)
  Why are you so desperate to say that racial groups are irrelevant and do not exist?  You can have different racial groups and cultures (real multiculturalism) without everyone going crazy or empire building and trying to dominate each other.  When White men are not off pulling on their bootstraps or trying to invent something in their garage, they generally want to be left alone with their family and tribe.

These hate filled Jews at the epicenter of media, banking and politics are making it hard to be left alone.  Even if one programs the TV to play this and not that, an ad for one of their "mainstream" movies full of anti-White hatred, degeneracy and defamation may still come on.  If you're a "minority" of ill will then I wouldn't get too excited about their successful attack on Whites straight out of the 1950s after WWII.  (Their perceptions of an alien Superman from the heartland fighting other cartoons didn't last long.) 

Because they usually do the same exact stuff to other goyim/tribes too.   They won't stop.

So I guess we'll have to do something about it.  Indeed, we're already beginning to.      

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