Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Meh... 6/2

....who may unite the white race and incite a vicious and wholesale campaign of retribution....

There's Andrew Anglin and there will be more in the future given what has happened in all White majority nations and only White majority nations with a "minority" Jewish population.

In the case of Goldstein, apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the mythical lamp shade.

....including mass forcible deportations.

Another Hitler.

Cue the violins?

The tragedy is that so many innocent people, white, black, gay, Hispanic and so on will be steamrolled in the process.

Typical White, you're empathizing based on imaginary events when nothing has even happened yet.   The majority of White people don't even realize they exist on a conscious level, let alone want to begin an ethnic cleansing campaign.  

But they sure do move away from whatever regions that become majority "minority" or Jewed as the Jews of Tablet Mag put it.   So it would seem that even the most brain dead Whites know something about the existence of their race even if they're willing to be ethnically cleansed and diversified out of existence in their former nations now.

They're really a very peculiar group of people in some ways. 

Very interesting, really.


There's always this, this is all kosher:

"I'm a woman, that's my group!  Me, ma moo!!!"

"I'm gay, that's my real group.  Oh yeah, so gay... and oppressed like Jews in the Holocaust or somethin'!  We have a lobby group and everything!"

I'm probably forgetting some kosher groups that the Jews will allow to form or socially construct and cultivate while keeping their main goal of refusing to allow white people to exist politically, if not physically.  Sometimes they'll even cultivate and lead minority* groups like that themselves, pretty much anything but a European/White lobby group. 

For instance, a genocidal anti-White like Emily Goldstein will support "feminism" and gay groups for whites while simultaneously supporting Arabs and Islam. 

There's something that brings this all together, namely her genocidal hatred of white people.

Too bad we don't have a lobby group.  There again, we're beginning to in some ways because these Jews can't stop the "hate speech" or demand enough servile love speech for themselves. 

Ooga booga.  We're realizing that we exist.

That's real scary for some people, as a group.  

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