Friday, June 19, 2015

Ramble 6/19

This is becoming a murderous Empire of Entertainment.

Very multicultural, I suppose...   but what is multiculturalism and what does it amount to, exactly?

Apparently the world will not be full of American freedumbs until Rick Ro$$ represents African Americans and Miley Ray Cyrus represents Whites from the heartland while Tel Aviv becomes the gay capital of the world in the background.

This is going to be the world's view of us, as "Americans."  Indeed, this mainstream culture of degradation and defamation for every group but one (Although they're defaming their own group now too in the decadent/declining phase of their Empire, e.g.. Lena Dunham.)  already has much to do with our perceptions of each other.  When many "mainstream" Whites think of Blacks, they're going to think of the flabby fraud Rick Ro$$. When mainstream African Americans think of Whites, they're doing to think of a half-wit like Miley Ray Cyrus or the latest menacing or murderous White that they've seen in the national news.  (Most African American crime, no matter how atrocious and sensational, is generally suppressed and reported in a race blind way in the local news.  If it bleeds it leads is not the rule.)  

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