Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interesing conspiracy theories... Michael Tsarion - Stargates,HAARP,Prison Earth

  Wow, this dude is quite a theorist. 

You have to admit that it would be pretty ironic if we really did need tin foil hats at some point due to HAARP.  Lol.  

Actually some of his "stories" and theories would seem to fit with other facts, like the fact that NASA* bombed the moon a few years back to test it.  Like the fact that there is apparently video evidence that they faked at least some elements of their moon missions.

Also interesting that the U.N. logo is divided into 33 sections, NASA laid out their runways to encrypt 33 and so forth.  Indeed, some of the pyramid schemes that people have built over the centuries only make sense if you look at them as a work of art from above.  Not that the slaves incorporated into building them over the centuries have ever had that higher perspective too until modern times.  In any event... from our perspective, it would probably be best if the sky wasn't "rolled back like a scroll" and so forth. 

*And NASA has been overloaded with 33rd degree Masons and Mormons (Joseph Story = 33rd degree Mason interested in Egyptian ideas about star gates.... etc.), i.e. anyone willing to be incorporated into the same old compartmentalized "pyramid scheme" with the all seeing eye at the top.  The funny thing about it, those lower down always react in horror when it's suggested that they've been incorporated into an evil system in which: "They know not what they do."   But then they go back into it and are told that they'll get more knowledge once they get closer to the top.


Anyway... like I said, it would be ironic if we all needed "tin foil hats" in the end.  It's all just symbolic, except when it isn't.

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