Saturday, May 11, 2013

Colossus of Rhodey comment...

There's already a growing "multiple stream" media on Youtube and other places on the internet that will probably take over as the corporate media continues to fail. (Perhaps including Fox News, in the end...)

An interesting juxtaposition is how easily the memes of the corporate media have been shaped with respect to "global warming"/"climate change" based on the Right/Left paradigm... ridiculous front men like Al Gore/Left and his controlled opposition in the GOP/Right. Meanwhile, the decentralized media has been reporting on and documenting the reality of geoengineering by the corporate/government nexus (inc.) for a while now.

And this is the case on many issues. There's an established corporate Left/Right or Democrat/Republican paradigm in the "mainstream" media where it's all entertainment and personalities and "horse races" or Red Team and Blue Team.  Meanwhile... there's the facts, logic and evidence and actual INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM more typical to the populist media (usually loosely associated with libertarianism for now).

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