Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell once again showed her ignorance of what radical Islam and "radical" Christianity are all about yesterday on "The View" when she stated, "Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America."
Anna Venger

I heard a soundbyte on that as well. O'Donnell has a history of being a narcissistic ignoramus on the level of Michael Moore so her opinions don't carry much weight. As a result of mental disorders her opinions have more to do with her own psychological dynamics than reality as revealed by history, logic and basic forms of knowledge. It's not for me to try to give a clinical definition of what type of mental disorders she has and I don't even agree with the way psychologists usually attempt to but sometimes there are basic judgements about order vs. disorder that are so true that they are trivial or assumed by the very people that try to deny them. For instance, the biological basis of sex and sexuality as an ordered reality which can be used to define psychological disorders such as "gender identity disorder" and such where a person's feelings do not match reality, O'Donnell's mentality tends to be disordered in this way.

Gay© activists don't like the order of reality that the terms "gender identity disorder" are based on so they often work to censor the terms and play pretend again. Logical consistency is meaningless in their minds and so it is that they may publicly maintain: "No one chooses to be Gay©, why would anyone choose to be this way!" while also maintaining that psychologists should not help children with gender identity disorders in order to prevent homosexuality and sexual confusion. Apparently Rosie O'Donnell is once again playing pretend for narcissistic reasons with no concern for basic facts and logic, she wants what she wants and feels that Christians are in the way. It's either that or she's phobic, which is sometimes the case and something that is often projected by Gays© onto other people. And so it is that some insist: "They, they are all out to get me! I'll be beat down in the street and hated! It's, it's THEM!" "Say, they're probably all out to get me because they're phobic or somethin'."

O'Donnell would be right to assume that American Christians are standing in the way of the notion that rights can be based on sexual desires because Christians tend to adhere to a view of Nature and human nature as being ordered by more than one's own desires and feelings.

Children suffer the most when people fall into narcissism to the point that they are willing to deny the basic forms of order written into Nature, as Narcissus did. The pattern of narcissism is evident in the case of O'Donnell to the point that the public eye can catch glimpses of it. For instance, it was reported that O'Donnell demanded that her partner stop breastfeeding their child because she was jealous, O'Donnell has also stated that her son wishes he had a father and so on. It seems that if gender narcissism becomes narcissism in general then the best interests of children are never the focus. As a legal scholar noted of Gay© activists in general their interests in marriage as an institution and their methods have generally been structured around their own rights, their own desires, etc., with children and the interests of children generally being relegated to a means to their ends.

At any rate, Gay© activists like psychologists defining gender identity disorders about as much as they like doctors defining gay bowel syndrome. So if you are a doctor or a psychologist interested in basic forms of truth then be aware that some who define the truth by their own sexual desires will work to censor any knowledge that seems to oppose that "truth" or play pretend about you and so on. So be prepared for: "But if you say that then Gay© kids will die, just die! It's them, THEM again!"* "People aren't really dying of these diseases you just hate me personally, don't you?" no matter how trivial the truth involved actually is.

In the end you can either avoid the topic or lie but you won't be able to tell the truth about the behavior patterns involved and so on.

*On that note I'd like to know who O'Donnell was talking about. I know playing pretend isn't about specifics and facts but supposedly she's doing an actual news and opinion show.

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