Monday, September 25, 2006

Plumbing the depths of a distant mind...

The funny thing about my old pal Carl is that his mind is always running away from what he writes. This post is as good an example as any, although there are plenty. In this one his mind eventually runs so far away that he almost loses it: "Although it is generally true that one should not hear, much less listen to the voices in one’s head, I have decided, or, rather, we have decided that we shall write this article having to do with poker and not at all related to what Mr. Mynym has written."

Usually a distance between the thoughts of the mind and the knowledge of the body makes their fusion all the more satisfying but in this case I have no idea what Mr. Plumberman was writing about.

Fair warning, I suppose: "If par-chance, that is ‘on par with chance’ or by chance, you ain’t played the game of Hold’em, just ignore this here post."

Interesting to note that nothing can be on par with "chance," and nothing isn't really anything but an abstraction of the human mind that is comparing it to something. So as far as the human mind goes there's always something behind the illusion that it sometimes tries to conceive of as the "nothing" that it thinks it has knowledge of.

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