Sunday, September 03, 2006


Comment here, I'm thinking about doing further research on the "magical" roots of science in occult magick because of the level of irony involved in the claim that Christians generally want science to be conflated with magic and so on.

Once again a philosophy rooted in Logos and logico-mathematical thinking is a victim of its own success. E.g., just as people forget that the very reason we have the principle of separation of church and state is because the Founders upheld it on religious grounds based on faith and reason they also forget that the reason that magic was excluded from scientia/knowledge as we know it was also based on faith in a reasonable God subtlely leading people on to reason and progress.

Ironically, there are now Darwinist organizations that seek to support the notion that all progress has come about based on their false philosophy or belief in their utterly absurd creation myths.

[Edit: Some elements of Seeker's list could use a fair bit of definition (e.g. #4), the only problem is that by the time you're done few would understand what you said. That's the problem with portions of creationism, those elements that are structured with ministry to others in mind become dilluted as a matter of precise or accurate knowledge. There's good and bad in all of it I suppose, because on the other hand many scientists tend to structure their representation of knowledge with themselves and perhaps their professional identity as "expert" in mind. So they seem to tend towards technical jargon and charlatanism about as much as creationists tend towards oversimplification or bombast.]

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