Thursday, June 29, 2006

Local politics...

A comment on this and this , in my experience with the fellow (That began mostly here.) all he can do is make a shift typical to the Leftist mind away from text and what is being stated to the person and their supposed feelings about things. That shift away from language does away with civilization, just as the rise of civilization is linked to language to the point that it is characteristically included in the very definition of the term. So you can expect a decline in the civility that comes naturally with language around the fellow unless you infuse language with meaning and shift the issue back to being defined by it. It seems to me that the Leftist mind cannot succeed in an area that is defined by text unless it directs and controls the flow of information. Well, it might take too long to try to explain that and it would only be an attempt anyway. This was just supposed to be a note about the local blogosphere. All I would say is that as for me I would just have some fun with the Leftist mind, leading it here and then there when it goes into projecting its little feelings about things and so on. In the end it will be left rather pathetically: "But isn't having a little feeling about things good or somethin'? At least I have my feelings, which means I'm sympathetic and tolerant. But you, you're a Big Meanie!"

And so on. Why, it's such a touching pathos that I'm about to cry a little tear about it right now. And there it goes, down my cheek, which means that I'm sympathetic and tolerant. And supposedly my own feelings can do away with facts, logic and evidence...

Something else to do is to just let the Leftist mind have its assertions about your supposed physical feelings or your identity because such things do not touch on any understanding of the metaphysical, transcendent and the same applies even to physical facts or conceptual facts that are not subjective and so in a smaller way transcend each individual subject/person. So I could say: "Even if I am feeling hatred and rage right now, yes, I'm just frothing and raging away! Well, this objective fact here still sits here and some bits of logic can easily be applied to it because I and my feelings had nothing to do with such things in the first place. I am quite in a rage though, rage and hate!" Etc.

One can do the same with their identity to redirect the shifts typical to the Leftist mind back to the objective. Unfortunately for some people I guess that isn't an option.

I never did understand the vast epistemic weight the Leftist mind gives to feelings and the personal when it comes to knowledge and admitting to it. E.g., I could die in a car crash tomorrow and have no more supposed subjective feelings of hate and rage toward the poor people of America that are morbidly obese, yet the poor would generally have the same amount of excess adipose tissue weighing them down anyway. They'd still generally be easy prey for the tin-pot socialists who want to control the Herd by caring for its health and so on. Supposedly the Herd will have "free" healthcare for all and the Leftist will take care of the poor people, for supposedly it cares enough to feel their pain in its little feelings about things. But does it really and how would one know or verify that something like feelings are authentic? For instance, in the case of the starving homeless it seems that everytime Leftists come into political power, poor people starve, so one wonders about their feelings or the possibility that their feelings may be irrelevant.

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