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A textbook example...

...from a textbook: "It is the scientific quest for a natural understanding of life--embodied in the theory of evolution--that has led to the discovery of genetics, DNA, and virtually all modern medicine."

I suppose they're excluding the Nazi Doctors from all of modern medicine. It is curious though, how history shows that when the Christian weltanschauung is exchanged for the Darwinian then medical science is perverted.

Of course those who want to indoctrinate students with scientism and shape their worldview are probably ignorant and bigoted themselves, so they would try to sift through and revise history to claim that all that is good came from science while all that religion will result in is evil...theocracy, intolerance, etc. It is curious though, as the Darwinian creation myth that they want to promote has been known to result in "intolerance." Of course people have always been intolerant/evil no matter what they believe, almost all ancient peoples were creationists of one form or another who often believed in an Afterlife in which they would be judged, yet they still raped and pillaged each other, tortured people to death, plundered, skinned people alive, etc. So there is that. But evil seems to take more perverse forms and becomes much more amplified when worldviews that include Natural Law are removed or perverted to the pagan way of supplanting Natural Law with supposed laws of Nature, naturally. Those seem to be the times in which ancient historians begin to say things like: "And there were no lengths to which they did not go." That is what happened in Nazism, where it was said that they were following "natural laws." Contrast with Americanism, which was founded on the laws of Nature and Nature's God or the self-evident truths that are evident in the Self because all are endowed by their Creator to know them.

It seems that Darwinists who believe that they are just following "natural laws" are willfully forgetting parts of "all of modern medicine," ironically the parts embodied in the "theory of evolution." E.g.:
“[B]y 1932 . . . racial hygiene had become scientific orthodoxy in the German medical community” (p. 38). Prof. Eugen Fischer, Director of the prestigious Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Heredity Science, and Eugenics from its inception in 1927, was chosen as Rektor of the University of Berlin in 1933. In his inaugural address Dr. Fischer declared, “What Darwin was not able to do, genetics has achieved. It has destroyed the theory of the equality of man” (p. 345). As early as 1930 the Nazis sloganized, “National Socialism [is] the political expression of our biological knowledge” (p. 28). Proctor adds, “One might even say that National Socialism was itself progressive—if we mean by this that application of science to social problems (in a particular ‘biologistic’ manner) was an important element in Nazi ideology.” Mendelian genetics was hailed by the Nazis as proof that race was the key to history, not environment, not class.
In 1933, Dr. Gerhard Wagner, the Nazi who became the leader of the entire German medical profession months after Hitler became Kanzler, contrasted the National Socialist medical ideal with that of its predecessors—now there would be an emphasis on health leadership rather than health care, preventative rather than curative medicine, racial rather than individual hygiene. And health leadership implied distinguishing between valuable life and life “not worth living” (p. 73). Most German doctors endorsed Dr. Wagner’s program and during the Hitler regime “a higher proportion of Germany’s top university officers were held by medical doctors than at any time before or since” (p. 94). In fact, as Proctor notes, “there is little evidence that physicians ever refused to participate in Nazi programs. . . . Physicians were never ordered to participate in these experiments; those who participated did so because they were given the opportunity and volunteered” (p. 220).
In July 1933, the Nazis enacted the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring. To prevent degeneration, about 400,000 Germans were sterilized between 1933 and 1939—feeble-minded, schizoid, epileptic, alcoholic, manic-depressive, blind, deaf, and malformed, overwhelmingly Aryan Germans (p. 108). Doctors directed this program, which was so thorough that occasionally Nazis like Dr. Wagner and Heinrich Himmler felt compelled to restrain the doctors, who, for example, sought to sterilize an alcoholic in his seventies (pp. 114-15).
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