Saturday, April 29, 2006


I just came across this amusing comment from a Darwinist:
Nick Matzke: It’s been reported in the newspapers already. It’s a, been reported in the newspapers, and that’s just the way it is.
It seems that they actually believe that as long as they control the flow of information in the Old Press and make the Judiciary an agent to enforce their public policies then they will inevitably be successful in shaping the view of the world of entire generations, just as they were in proto-Nazi Germany.

Given this focus, the majority of the Panda's Thumb seems to be devoted to legal and political control now through their contacts and networking in the Old Press, etc. Ironically, the very existence of the blog shows that there is a new area of networking where information flows on around such things that anyone interested in the information at issue can easily use. I.e., the old worldview shaping tactics that rely on a controlled use of information may no longer work, especially when people these days are learning that often what is "reported in the newspapers" is not "just the way it is."

As for me, I don't really care if the Old Press or the Judiciary is on their side even if that means that students are taught the Darwinists' frauds and charlatanism based on inane claims about gill-slits, embryos, etc. Why? Because any student that is dumb enough to believe them is then easy fodder and most likely the numbers of creationists and ID types will continue to grow even as Darwinists continue to maintain and establish control in the Judiciary, the Old Press and so on. They seem to naturally work with the State towards the goal that no criticism of the Darwinian creation myth be allowed except what Darwinists themselves say is allowed, yet it seems to me that there are enough postmodernists and others to limit their impact to State schools. Those are areas that are a legal mess already governed by lawyers and an educational establishment generally gone wrong anyway. It seems to me that if you send your child where you know they will be subject to fraudulent claims and scientific charlatanism and other things that take place under a false governing philosophy, then that's your decision.

What matters to me are the ideas in people's minds as individuals and their view of the world, not establishing control of State schools or working with a Judiciary that is now capable of declaring both the Declaration and the Constitution "unconstitutional" based on whatever they just pulled out of their own penumbras.

It also seems to me that ideas drawn from creationism and ID will continue to do quite well just as they always have as long as forms of socialism like total Nazi or Communist totalitarianism based on mythological narratives of Naturalism are avoided. The evidence shows that it is possible to indoctrinate generations of youth away from worldviews that admit to the obvious fact of some form of transcendence and the metaphysical reasoning that comes naturally to them as a result, just as it has come naturally to all people throughout the ages. If indoctrination is generally set against metaphysical philosophy and education by the State in the total way that organizations like the NCSE seem to desire then it is a possibility. I just don't see that happening given American culture and the way that the flow of information cannot be controlled these days. American culture is something that Darwinists often lament because it hampers their shifting of education and free metaphysical thought into indoctrination based on scientism that is based on supposed brute "physical facts" which they believe are the only and total truth. Americans have been ingrained with notions of transcendence, unalienable rights, metaphysical thoughts and speech that come freely with the notion of fairness towards all sides because all sides can be looked down based on governing principles from above.

Darwinists lament American's sense of fair play and dialectical reasoning because they believe that their side of supposed "natural"/scientific facts is the total truth that need not be looked at and so no dialogue needs to take place unless they say it does.

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